RoundUp : Cleartrip’s App for Apple Watch; EBay- Zirca Digital ad Deal

In this session of internet roundup, we will be conducting a quick walk- through of two of the major tie- ups that took place recently in the world of digital electronics as well as eCommerce. First one is the creation of a brand new app for Apple Watch by online travel company Cleartrip as well as the second one is the advertisement deal between e- commerce giant EBay as well as Zirca dDgital. So let us make haste and have a look at what the real deal is!!

Cleartrip launches app for Apple Watch

Cleartrip, which is a reputed online travel company, has moved a step forward by launching a brand new application for Apple Watch. This is undoubtedly a great feather in the cap of this online travel company by being able to create app for this much anticipated as well as the first ever wearable gadget from Apple. This news was reported by none other than Cleartrip’s official blog. Using this latest application, all users of Apple Watch will be able to get timely as well as precise information regarding their upcoming flights and any changes in the schedule of flights.

Interestingly, this app from Cleartrip also supports human glance, which enables all users to get contextual as well as time- sensitive information about their flight bookings. This app also helps users by providing them with information about their upcoming trips till 24 hours before their departure from all respective airports. Not only this, exactly 24 hours before the time of departure, the glance of this app changes to show all flight information, such as flight number, updated departure time as well as current flight status.

However, Cleartrip is not only the first creator of apps for wearable devices. Recently, ICICI Bank also launched applications for several wearable gadgets, including Apple Watch. This application is known as iWear and it enables all users of this gadget to check the details of their savings as well as current accounts, pay bills, recharge mobile phones as well as check the balance of their credit and debit cards.

Ads sales deal signed between EBay India and Zirca Digital

eCommerce giant eBay India has inked an ad sales deal with Zirca Digital in an attempt to connect Indian brands with its advertising platform. Collaborating with Zirca Digital is a new attempt on EBay India’s part in order to support this company in monetizing its advertising as well as brand solutions platform in a more effective manner.

It is to be noted that Microsoft entered into an exclusive partnership with Zirca Digital Solutions in order to offer its advertising inventory in India on Skype. Interactive banner ads, videos, polls, surveys and vignettes, etc are few of the custom branding advertising solutions offered by Zirca Digital. This company takes control over the creation of content, distribution of content, creative and research management as well as also offers a consolidated platform in the form of a publisher to all advertisers on which they can place their ads on.