How to use AdsBridge to Track Affiliate Campaigns

If you want to get the best results of your campaigns you need to track them. Tracking your affiliate

campaigns will help you in getting deep insights and will help you in targeting your audience easily. A lot

of tools have made way for tracking of affiliate campaigns and one of the recently launched tools is

AdsBridge. AdsBridge is a hosting platform which you can use to easily track your affiliate campaigns.

The very first advantage of AdsBridge is you need not to worry about hosting, then worrying about

installing script on the hosting.


You can buy premium account of AdsBridge for $79 in which comes with 1,000,000 visits. As a starter

you can also try their free account which comes with 100,000 visits per month. If you are new to affiliate

marketing and want to dig deep to get the best results then you should try the free account of

AdsBridge. Have a look below to find out how you can track your PeerFly campaign.

How to track PeerFly campaign using AdsBridge

If you want to track affiliate campaign on any third party software there are 5 basic steps which you

have to perform.

  1. Add affiliate network
  2. Add offer
  3. Add traffic source
  4. Create campaign
  5. Setup postback

Add affiliate network

It is very easy to add affiliate network in AdsBridge. Open the menu and click on Affiliate Networks >

Create Affiliate Network. There are three fields which you have to complete in order to add affiliate

network which are name, token and a checkbox which will pass the token. Token field is used to add

the SubIDs used by affiliate network. If you have used PeerFly in the past you might know that the

SubIDs here are S1, S2 and S3. We are going to use S1 in this case.

If you want to use the same token in other campaigns too check the box and click on Save option.

Add offfer

To add offer in AdsBridge go to Offers option from menu. Now click on Create offer option. You need to

have some information to add the offers but once you do it for a few times you won’t find it difficult to

add an offer in future. Name, URL, Payment and Affiliate network are the important fields which you

will find in this form.

Add the name of your offer and after that enter the affiliate link from the offer page of your PeerFly

account. In this section you don’t have to add the SubIDs. In Affiliate Network section select PeerFly.

Selecting PeerFly as the affiliate network will automatically add tracking token with checkbox checked.

Select the payout option and click on Save.

Add traffic source

The third thing you need to do is add a traffic source. To add traffic source go to Traffic Sources > Create

Traffic source. Once you are at Create traffic source page you will find a blue button placed at top of

page saying Traffic Source Templates. You will find all the predefined traffic sources in the templates

section. Some of the popular traffic sources which you will find here are TrafficJunky and 50onRed.

Adding traffic source will help you in optimizing your campaigns and getting better results. We suggest

you to go for 50onRed as this traffic sources provides a lot of data. Click on 50onRed pops and then click

on Save option. The software will now populate the template form with value names displayed. Click on

Save option and go to next step.

Creating Campaign

The next step which you have to perform after adding the traffic source is creating campaign. To add

campaign go to Campaigns > Create campaign.

You need to cover three sections for creating campaign in Adsbridge which are Targeting settings,

General Info and Tracking and Notification. In the General Info section select the traffic source and name

of the campaign. Copy the campaign URL and paste it. After that click on Save > Continue.

Now you have to select the landing page where you want to send the traffic. To add landing page click

on Direct Link and after that select Blue Add offer button. Choose Select offer followed by checking the

box for FPTraffic and click on Add and Close.

Setup Postback

This is the last thing which you need to do before you start tracking your affiliate campaign. AdsBridge

gives S2S Postback URL. The URL which you will get by AdsBridge is

Copy the postback URL and open your PeerFly global trackback page. Now paste the URL into URL

section of PeerFly global trackback page. As we are using S1 as the SubID, we will use %subid1% at the

end of the link. This will help in identifying the click which lead to a sale.

Click on Save button and save postback on your PeerFly account. This is the first and last time you have

to do this step as it will remain same for the rest of your campaigns.

Once your campaign gets approved you will start seeing the clicks, conversions and all the results. Make

sure you play with other features on Adsbridge as it one of the feature rich trackers available for

tracking affiliate campaigns. You can also try some landing pages from the free landing page template

section of the software.

Let us know your experience with AdsBridge. If you are having any questions please use the comments

section below.