How to reduce bounce rate of your landing page

Bounce rate plays a very important role in PCC campaigns. If you are not familiar with the term bounce rate, bounce rate means the number of users who are visiting your website or your landing page and are straight away closing the tab or are bouncing off to another website. High bounce rate is always a nightmare for bloggers, but when we talk about bounce rate in PPC campaigns landing pages it is worst. To improve your PPC campaign and reduce bounce rate you can follow some of the tips shared below as these are some of the most effective tips which have helped a lot of advertisers in getting the minimum possible bounce rate on their landing pages.


Use niche keywords

The one reason that you are having a high bounce rate might be the traffic which is entering your website is not segmented or you can say that it is not specific as per the content present on your landing page. Make sure you use niche keywords so that you are able to target the audience you want properly. Traffic can be always made contextual by adding niche keywords to the content present on your landing pages.

Color combinations

If you are using a lot of dark colors or are using contrasting color themes it will leave a sore effect on the visitor of your website. Make sure the web page or the landing page is having bright and good color combinations so that the visitor directly clicks on Call to action. We suggest you to go for 1-3 colors for the entire landing page.

Use big text

Large text is always preferred as compared to small text as it is easily readable and is read first by the visitor. When we increased the size text to 11-11.5 we found that the bounce rate of our website was decreased to 5%. Make changes to the text on your landing pages and see what the results are after your edit.

Make sure you add images

Images are always better then text. Make sure you are adding relevant images to the landing page as per your PPC campaign so that the visitor simply click on Call to action. Large images will easily hold a lot of information and will surely please the web user.

Increase loading speed of landing page

If your landing page is taking a lot of time to load there is a huge probability that the user will close the tab. If the loading speed of your landing page is high it might also be one of the reasons of high bounce rate of your landing page. You can try several different online tools and find the loading speed of web pages. You can also try clearing the extra HTML, Javascript and CSS scripts as they add a lot of slow loading speed of web pages.

These are some of the tips which you can follow to reduce the bounce rate of your landing page. Which steps are you following to reduce the bounce rate? Use the comments section to share them with us.