How to optimize landing pages for better sales

Landing pages play a very important role in converting the visitors into leads. You need to make sure that you follow a couple of guidelines while you are creating a landing page so that you can get a lot of leads. One should also optimize landing pages properly so that there can be successful leads.


Today we are going to share a simple guide where we will share some steps which you should follow to remove the distractions from your landing pages and make your landing page look more appealing to your visitors. Implement all the steps shared below to all your landing pages which you are going to create or which you are already having and see the results.

1.    Have clear call to action

Call to action plays a very important role in internet marketing. Your landing pages should have a clear call to action which tells the users what you want them to do. Call to action should be clear and prevalent on all your landing pages. Make sure you keep the call to action right above the hold and it is properly accessible to the users.

2.    Less Text is always more

Make sure you are having enough text which will get you a lot of leads. Your landing page should not having a lot of text as it will lead into a bulky landing page and if your landing page is having less text it will look like an incomplete page. If you add a lot of content on your landing page there is a huge probability that the call to action will get lost. Too much text will also lead the visitor to get annoyed and simply closing the tab resulting in no sales.

Image based copies are a lot successful as compared to text based copies on your landing pages. Give a try by adding limited text and an image related to your campaign with proper call to action and see the results.

3.    Keep your page clean

Make sure your landing page is not disorganized or clustered. If you are having a lot of unorganized stuff on your landing page people won’t be able to focus on your landing page and won’t find what you want them to find. If your landing page is very bad your visitors might even think that it is a spam site and will close the tab right away. You should make sure your landing page is properly organized as so that users are converting. You can take example of Wix, which is clear landing page with a simple headline “Create a landing page” and a Start now button.

4.    Use the right images

Images have a lot of impact on the landing pages. Make sure you are using the right images on your landing pages. Make sure you are not using a lot of images. The images or image which you are using on your landing page should be of high quality. The images should be visually appealing and should be relevant to the campaign you have created a landing page for.

Let’s say you are making a landing page for a dating website. Use an image of a beautiful girl which looks appealing and make the visitors to enter their details and convert them into leads.

5.    Use Bullet Points

To make your content organized on the landing pages you can also use bullet points. Bullet points will create a direct impact on the readers. Make sure you are placing the call to action next to the bullet points so that the visitor directly clicks on it. Let’s say you are creating a landing page regarding a disease. Mention the symptoms of the disease under bullet points with call to action under the points as it will definitely bring you a lot of leads.

6.    Use contrasting colors

Using contrasting colors in your landing pages is an old trick and this trick still works. Studies have shown that if you are using contrasting colors you will get better results in your campaigns.

7.    Create sense of urgency

Create a sense of urgency on your landing pages. Make sure you write something like “limited stock available” or “while the stock lasts” so that the visitor directly clicks the call to action and you get a lead. If you have not mentioned urgency the visitor will think to come back to the website and think about the product again and then go for it which is never going to happen. You can also add a timer as it is really effective for better sales off your landing pages.

8.    Remove navigations and distractions

This is the last tip which we are going to share with you. The logo, footer area and the navigation bar will matter a lot on your landing pages. Make sure you that you are only having all three of these things on the main website and not the landing pages as they will destroy your landing pages. Remove all the un-necessary distractions and navigations from your landing pages for better leads.

These are some of the tips which you should follow for better optimization of the landing pages. If you have properly followed all the above mentioned tricks we are sure you will get better leads off your campaigns.