How to make money with Affiture Network

There are a lot of affiliate network programs available which help you in making loads of money. Each day a new affiliate network is launched and only a few manage to stay for long. One reason that most of the affiliate networks fail is due to mismanagement and poor experience. It is good that there are a few big names in the affiliation market game which help both the publishers and advertisers in making profits.


Affiture Network is a new affiliate market network which all the bloggers, online marketers and affiliates can use for making money. Affiture Network is division of CPX Interactive which is in the market from the last 10 years for banner advertising.

Offers with Affiture Network

Affiture network comes with a huge collection of CPS/CPA offers which you can use to promote to your audience or use them via direct ad campaigns. CPXi is the parent company of Affiture network and comes with years of experience which makes it sure that a publisher gets wide range of deals. You will find more than 500 offers with Affiture. Most of the offers which you will find with Affiture network are pin submits, dating, freebies, gaming, downloads and many other exclusive offers too.

The commission charges are different for different offers as you can also get about $200 per sign up from the offers at Affiture Network. To promote offers you need to follow the terms and conditions of each campaign as different campaigns have different terms and conditions. Methods like video, email, newsletters, and search are accepted by Affiture Network.

Affiture Network Payments

The payments which are sent via the Affiture network are on net 15 basis. When an affiliate has earned minimum payout amount which is $50 he is applicable for making a payout. An affiliate who is earning around $1000 per month is applicable for Bi-Monthly payments. If you are making $1000 a week you are applicable for weekly net payments. There are different payout options which you can use for cashing out the money.

Wire Transfer – Minimum $1000

ACH – $100

Checks – $50

Paypal – $1000

Win Apple Watch

Affiture network has a contest for the top performing publishers. If you are one of the top 10 publishers in Affiture Network you can win an exclusive Apple watch. The promotion if from April 1 to June 30. If you are already using Affiture network and are doing well with your sales then add a bit more traffic and you might be the one lucky winner of Apple watch.

How to join Affiture Network

Affiture Network comes with a trusted name of CPX Interactive. If you want to get some of the best affiliate offers you should definitely try Affiture Network. You can visit their website and sign up for your account.

Let us know how your experience with Affiture Network was.