How to increase Facebook Page reach

Facebook Pages is one of the best sources which you can use for targeting audience for your campaigns. If you are having a good Facebook page with a good reach it will surely help you in getting a large number of sales and successful campaigns. To get the best results Facebook is also working on algorithms which will make it hard for Facebook page owners to get their content seen by the audience they are targeting. The reason behind this is to eliminate the Facebook pages which contain spam or irrelevant content.


If you are experiencing drop in the organic views on your Facebook Page it is because of the changes done by the Facebook team. To get better sales and targeting you should have a good page reach. One easy way is to advertise which will need some funds or you can follow some tricks shared below which will help you to increase Facebook Page reach without spending a single penny.

Use Awesome Content

The first thing which you need to focus is on the content you are sharing on your Facebook Page. One should always remember that content is the king no matter which field are you in. If you are using awesome content which is compelling and directly talks to your targeted audience there is surety that your page will be shared among other users. Some of the best ways which you can follow to share amazing content are via blog, creating an online persona or by using photos. If you are using awesome content on your websites or your Facebook Page it will have some value to get shared among your readers.

Embed your Posts

The audience you are targeting is not only browsing on Facebook but also on the rest of the Internet. If you are having a nice blog with decent amount of traffic you can embed your Facebook post on your blog. It will help you in getting a better reach from your blog.

Encourage Shares and Likes

If your post is having the maximum number of shares and likes it will attract a larger audience as per Facebook algorithm. You can always encourage the fans of your page to share the content you are using on your website so that it can gain more exposure on Facebook. This trick will only work if you are having quality and amazing content on your Facebook page. If the content you are sharing on your page is good people will like it and will also share it on their Facebook wall. You should not ask for likes or shares as it might lead to a negative effect. If you were successful in maintaining a good relationship with your fans you will easily get likes and shares on your posts and thus increase Facebook page reach.

Ask Fans to subscribe for notifications

Facebook has a feature called Top friends. If you have selected any friend in your friend list as a top friend you will get notifications from that top friend. The same system works with Facebook pages. This is a real feature and is not known by a lot of people. If you want to get notifications on the Fan page content hover above Like image and you will see Notifications option, click on it. Once you have clicked on this button each time you update the page you will get notified about the new content which you shared. You can also ask your friends to subscribe for notifications and if you are having a good relationship and you are sharing amazing content you will definitely get good response.

Give a reason to comment

If you are having good number of comments on your Facebook page posts it will definitely grab attention among users. Try to start conversations on the posts you are sharing on your Facebook page by sharing it using your personal page. You can also ask questions related to the post as it will help you in getting good comments.

Mix your content

People think that each post they share on Facebook should come with a photo attached to it. It is a good method of getting attention among people but you should try mixing up the content. You can simply update status or simply use an image with a Call to action which will result in mixing of the content.

Become content curator

As we recently told you Content is the king, if you are having good content to share, more people will like to get connected with it. To get your fans coming back on your Facebook page you can share images, videos and articles. The more your page is connecting with the content you are sharing the more will be your Facebook page reach. You should always target your audience and be loyal to them which will bring your great results.

Start Fan Page relationships

The last tip which we would like to share with you to increase Facebook page reach is to begin fan page relationships. You can share the content present on other Fan page on your current fan page as all the webmasters share content of big publications and blogs and you can try sharing the content of medium sized fan pages. If you are sharing the content of other Fan pages they will also return the favor by sharing your Facebook page on their Fan page. You might also get tagged in their Facebook page. This will help you in developing a good and healthy relationship among other Fan page owners and bloggers.

These are the tips which you can follow to increase Facebook Page reach. You should also target the audience you want for your campaigns as these tips won’t show effect if you are targeting the wrong audience.

Are you following any other tip other than the ones we mentioned above? Share it with us using the comments section below.