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Tips to improve PPC Campaigns

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most effective methods which you can use to get traffic on your website. If you are a new to PPC or are a new startup dealing with PPC you might be one of the many people who are making mistakes which lead to unsatisfactory results in the campaigns.


PPC programs like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are the two most used PPC programs. All the marketers who want to use PPC to drive traffic mention a particular amount which they are willing to spend on their campaigns. You as a marketer can also indicate if you want to display the ads in search engines or within content blocks present on your website. PPC works like an auction system where the bidder who bids the maximum amount for a particular keyword gets the maximum exposure and traffic on his website.

Most people think that PPC advertisements are simple but most of the beginners get very less ROI because they are using wrong keywords in their campaigns or are not using good format. There are many other mistakes which can lead to bad PPC campaigns. You can follow some tips to improve PPC campaigns shared below.

Don’t use broad match keywords

One of the main mistakes which people do while launching their PPC campaigns is not using proper keywords. People don’t understand the difference between specific keyword matches and broad match keywords and go for broad match keywords which results in displaying of advertisements for the keyword phrase and the phrases which are similar to the one you choose. Broad keywords can definitely help in increasing your exposure but they can also bring irrelevant traffic which might lead to wastage of money.

To avoid losing your money on irrelevant clicks you should always focus on the keyword phrase or exact match keywords.

Separate content and search ad placements

By search network placement we mean the PPC advertisements which you see in the search results whereas the content network placement means the websites which display PPC advertisements just like blocks in their web pages. A lot of people select both type of ad placements when they are launching their first campaign. It is also seen that new marketers also go for the same keywords, ad content and the payment amount setup for each click.

The queries which trigger the content network placements can be different compared to the search network. If you are running the same advertisements on both the networks it might lead to wasting of your money at irrelevant places.

Use Negative keywords also

Most of new PPC marketers don’t use negative keywords thinking they will result in bad effect on their PPC campaigns. Let’s say we are using a keyword phrase baby shower gift ideas. The negative keywords in this phrase are going to be baby, shower and gift.

Target ad campaigns efficiently

If you are not able to target your audience efficiently it might lead to poor result of your PPC campaign. If you want to increase the efficiency you can take full advantage of the features in PPC account which will allow you to specify the advertisements you want to show to your targeted audience.

Below are a few areas which you can consider for targeting your ad campaigns.

Multiple countries

If you are interested in targeting several countries you can set an ad group for each country. If not you can limit your advertisement to US placement or whichever country you are targeting.

Micro geographic focus

If you are creating ad for the local business you can use the micro geographic features from the advertiser account where you can specify the zip codes. Your advertisements will only be displayed in the specified zip codes based on the delivery area of your business.

Time of day

If you have analyzed the previous results of the ad campaigns you did and founded out that at a particular time most of the conversions happen you can set your campaigns at that particular time and run them only at that particular period.

Matching the landing pages to advertisements

If you are sending a visitor from your PPC campaign to an irrelevant landing page it will not only affect the sale process but will also lead to low advertisement quality scores. If you are having low advertisement quality score you would be paying more for each click done and will also get less exposure then the advertisers which are having high scores.

You can always decrease the number of keywords you are using to avoid low score and landing page pairing. Using less keywords will help in making the landing pages are relevant as possible.

Test ad copy

It can be very difficult to write an effective ad copy. If you are not using different versions of the advertisements to see which one is performing best, you won’t be able to maximize the return on investment of your PPC campaign.

Most of the PPC platforms allow marketers to split the tests which will rotate the different ads for each of the targeted keywords. If you want to do the tests effectively you can adjust the settings of the ads so that they are displayed randomly and you get the maximum number of clicks on your ad campaign.

Track your ROI

If you want to effectively manage all your PPC campaigns you can should track them and find out the return on investment you received. You will be able to find out the clicks which lead to a sale in the PPC campaign if you are tracking it. You can link your PPC account with Google analytics and find the clicks which lead to sales. If you are not having this information you won’t be able to adjust the keyword bids or eliminate the less effective keywords.

These are 7 tips which you should follow too improve PPC campaigns. Are you using any other tip which has proved effective? Share it with us using the comments section below.


How to increase Facebook Page reach

Facebook Pages is one of the best sources which you can use for targeting audience for your campaigns. If you are having a good Facebook page with a good reach it will surely help you in getting a large number of sales and successful campaigns. To get the best results Facebook is also working on algorithms which will make it hard for Facebook page owners to get their content seen by the audience they are targeting. The reason behind this is to eliminate the Facebook pages which contain spam or irrelevant content.


If you are experiencing drop in the organic views on your Facebook Page it is because of the changes done by the Facebook team. To get better sales and targeting you should have a good page reach. One easy way is to advertise which will need some funds or you can follow some tricks shared below which will help you to increase Facebook Page reach without spending a single penny.

Use Awesome Content

The first thing which you need to focus is on the content you are sharing on your Facebook Page. One should always remember that content is the king no matter which field are you in. If you are using awesome content which is compelling and directly talks to your targeted audience there is surety that your page will be shared among other users. Some of the best ways which you can follow to share amazing content are via blog, creating an online persona or by using photos. If you are using awesome content on your websites or your Facebook Page it will have some value to get shared among your readers.

Embed your Posts

The audience you are targeting is not only browsing on Facebook but also on the rest of the Internet. If you are having a nice blog with decent amount of traffic you can embed your Facebook post on your blog. It will help you in getting a better reach from your blog.

Encourage Shares and Likes

If your post is having the maximum number of shares and likes it will attract a larger audience as per Facebook algorithm. You can always encourage the fans of your page to share the content you are using on your website so that it can gain more exposure on Facebook. This trick will only work if you are having quality and amazing content on your Facebook page. If the content you are sharing on your page is good people will like it and will also share it on their Facebook wall. You should not ask for likes or shares as it might lead to a negative effect. If you were successful in maintaining a good relationship with your fans you will easily get likes and shares on your posts and thus increase Facebook page reach.

Ask Fans to subscribe for notifications

Facebook has a feature called Top friends. If you have selected any friend in your friend list as a top friend you will get notifications from that top friend. The same system works with Facebook pages. This is a real feature and is not known by a lot of people. If you want to get notifications on the Fan page content hover above Like image and you will see Notifications option, click on it. Once you have clicked on this button each time you update the page you will get notified about the new content which you shared. You can also ask your friends to subscribe for notifications and if you are having a good relationship and you are sharing amazing content you will definitely get good response.

Give a reason to comment

If you are having good number of comments on your Facebook page posts it will definitely grab attention among users. Try to start conversations on the posts you are sharing on your Facebook page by sharing it using your personal page. You can also ask questions related to the post as it will help you in getting good comments.

Mix your content

People think that each post they share on Facebook should come with a photo attached to it. It is a good method of getting attention among people but you should try mixing up the content. You can simply update status or simply use an image with a Call to action which will result in mixing of the content.

Become content curator

As we recently told you Content is the king, if you are having good content to share, more people will like to get connected with it. To get your fans coming back on your Facebook page you can share images, videos and articles. The more your page is connecting with the content you are sharing the more will be your Facebook page reach. You should always target your audience and be loyal to them which will bring your great results.

Start Fan Page relationships

The last tip which we would like to share with you to increase Facebook page reach is to begin fan page relationships. You can share the content present on other Fan page on your current fan page as all the webmasters share content of big publications and blogs and you can try sharing the content of medium sized fan pages. If you are sharing the content of other Fan pages they will also return the favor by sharing your Facebook page on their Fan page. You might also get tagged in their Facebook page. This will help you in developing a good and healthy relationship among other Fan page owners and bloggers.

These are the tips which you can follow to increase Facebook Page reach. You should also target the audience you want for your campaigns as these tips won’t show effect if you are targeting the wrong audience.

Are you following any other tip other than the ones we mentioned above? Share it with us using the comments section below.


How to reduce bounce rate of your landing page

Bounce rate plays a very important role in PCC campaigns. If you are not familiar with the term bounce rate, bounce rate means the number of users who are visiting your website or your landing page and are straight away closing the tab or are bouncing off to another website. High bounce rate is always a nightmare for bloggers, but when we talk about bounce rate in PPC campaigns landing pages it is worst. To improve your PPC campaign and reduce bounce rate you can follow some of the tips shared below as these are some of the most effective tips which have helped a lot of advertisers in getting the minimum possible bounce rate on their landing pages.


Use niche keywords

The one reason that you are having a high bounce rate might be the traffic which is entering your website is not segmented or you can say that it is not specific as per the content present on your landing page. Make sure you use niche keywords so that you are able to target the audience you want properly. Traffic can be always made contextual by adding niche keywords to the content present on your landing pages.

Color combinations

If you are using a lot of dark colors or are using contrasting color themes it will leave a sore effect on the visitor of your website. Make sure the web page or the landing page is having bright and good color combinations so that the visitor directly clicks on Call to action. We suggest you to go for 1-3 colors for the entire landing page.

Use big text

Large text is always preferred as compared to small text as it is easily readable and is read first by the visitor. When we increased the size text to 11-11.5 we found that the bounce rate of our website was decreased to 5%. Make changes to the text on your landing pages and see what the results are after your edit.

Make sure you add images

Images are always better then text. Make sure you are adding relevant images to the landing page as per your PPC campaign so that the visitor simply click on Call to action. Large images will easily hold a lot of information and will surely please the web user.

Increase loading speed of landing page

If your landing page is taking a lot of time to load there is a huge probability that the user will close the tab. If the loading speed of your landing page is high it might also be one of the reasons of high bounce rate of your landing page. You can try several different online tools and find the loading speed of web pages. You can also try clearing the extra HTML, Javascript and CSS scripts as they add a lot of slow loading speed of web pages.

These are some of the tips which you can follow to reduce the bounce rate of your landing page. Which steps are you following to reduce the bounce rate? Use the comments section to share them with us.


How to optimize landing pages for better sales

Landing pages play a very important role in converting the visitors into leads. You need to make sure that you follow a couple of guidelines while you are creating a landing page so that you can get a lot of leads. One should also optimize landing pages properly so that there can be successful leads.


Today we are going to share a simple guide where we will share some steps which you should follow to remove the distractions from your landing pages and make your landing page look more appealing to your visitors. Implement all the steps shared below to all your landing pages which you are going to create or which you are already having and see the results.

1.    Have clear call to action

Call to action plays a very important role in internet marketing. Your landing pages should have a clear call to action which tells the users what you want them to do. Call to action should be clear and prevalent on all your landing pages. Make sure you keep the call to action right above the hold and it is properly accessible to the users.

2.    Less Text is always more

Make sure you are having enough text which will get you a lot of leads. Your landing page should not having a lot of text as it will lead into a bulky landing page and if your landing page is having less text it will look like an incomplete page. If you add a lot of content on your landing page there is a huge probability that the call to action will get lost. Too much text will also lead the visitor to get annoyed and simply closing the tab resulting in no sales.

Image based copies are a lot successful as compared to text based copies on your landing pages. Give a try by adding limited text and an image related to your campaign with proper call to action and see the results.

3.    Keep your page clean

Make sure your landing page is not disorganized or clustered. If you are having a lot of unorganized stuff on your landing page people won’t be able to focus on your landing page and won’t find what you want them to find. If your landing page is very bad your visitors might even think that it is a spam site and will close the tab right away. You should make sure your landing page is properly organized as so that users are converting. You can take example of Wix, which is clear landing page with a simple headline “Create a landing page” and a Start now button.

4.    Use the right images

Images have a lot of impact on the landing pages. Make sure you are using the right images on your landing pages. Make sure you are not using a lot of images. The images or image which you are using on your landing page should be of high quality. The images should be visually appealing and should be relevant to the campaign you have created a landing page for.

Let’s say you are making a landing page for a dating website. Use an image of a beautiful girl which looks appealing and make the visitors to enter their details and convert them into leads.

5.    Use Bullet Points

To make your content organized on the landing pages you can also use bullet points. Bullet points will create a direct impact on the readers. Make sure you are placing the call to action next to the bullet points so that the visitor directly clicks on it. Let’s say you are creating a landing page regarding a disease. Mention the symptoms of the disease under bullet points with call to action under the points as it will definitely bring you a lot of leads.

6.    Use contrasting colors

Using contrasting colors in your landing pages is an old trick and this trick still works. Studies have shown that if you are using contrasting colors you will get better results in your campaigns.

7.    Create sense of urgency

Create a sense of urgency on your landing pages. Make sure you write something like “limited stock available” or “while the stock lasts” so that the visitor directly clicks the call to action and you get a lead. If you have not mentioned urgency the visitor will think to come back to the website and think about the product again and then go for it which is never going to happen. You can also add a timer as it is really effective for better sales off your landing pages.

8.    Remove navigations and distractions

This is the last tip which we are going to share with you. The logo, footer area and the navigation bar will matter a lot on your landing pages. Make sure you that you are only having all three of these things on the main website and not the landing pages as they will destroy your landing pages. Remove all the un-necessary distractions and navigations from your landing pages for better leads.

These are some of the tips which you should follow for better optimization of the landing pages. If you have properly followed all the above mentioned tricks we are sure you will get better leads off your campaigns.


How to make money with Affiture Network

There are a lot of affiliate network programs available which help you in making loads of money. Each day a new affiliate network is launched and only a few manage to stay for long. One reason that most of the affiliate networks fail is due to mismanagement and poor experience. It is good that there are a few big names in the affiliation market game which help both the publishers and advertisers in making profits.


Affiture Network is a new affiliate market network which all the bloggers, online marketers and affiliates can use for making money. Affiture Network is division of CPX Interactive which is in the market from the last 10 years for banner advertising.

Offers with Affiture Network

Affiture network comes with a huge collection of CPS/CPA offers which you can use to promote to your audience or use them via direct ad campaigns. CPXi is the parent company of Affiture network and comes with years of experience which makes it sure that a publisher gets wide range of deals. You will find more than 500 offers with Affiture. Most of the offers which you will find with Affiture network are pin submits, dating, freebies, gaming, downloads and many other exclusive offers too.

The commission charges are different for different offers as you can also get about $200 per sign up from the offers at Affiture Network. To promote offers you need to follow the terms and conditions of each campaign as different campaigns have different terms and conditions. Methods like video, email, newsletters, and search are accepted by Affiture Network.

Affiture Network Payments

The payments which are sent via the Affiture network are on net 15 basis. When an affiliate has earned minimum payout amount which is $50 he is applicable for making a payout. An affiliate who is earning around $1000 per month is applicable for Bi-Monthly payments. If you are making $1000 a week you are applicable for weekly net payments. There are different payout options which you can use for cashing out the money.

Wire Transfer – Minimum $1000

ACH – $100

Checks – $50

Paypal – $1000

Win Apple Watch

Affiture network has a contest for the top performing publishers. If you are one of the top 10 publishers in Affiture Network you can win an exclusive Apple watch. The promotion if from April 1 to June 30. If you are already using Affiture network and are doing well with your sales then add a bit more traffic and you might be the one lucky winner of Apple watch.

How to join Affiture Network

Affiture Network comes with a trusted name of CPX Interactive. If you want to get some of the best affiliate offers you should definitely try Affiture Network. You can visit their website and sign up for your account.

Let us know how your experience with Affiture Network was.